Will you be our next judge? Please send an email to norwegianlashfestival@gmail.com containing BIO, picture, links to fb,ig,web and choose option 1 or 2. Please add 1-3 categories you want to judge. And please inform if you will give away s SPECIAL PRIZE (Best styling, Most creative, The best model etc) More information on how to judge will come when judges are set. 

1.Classic lashes

2. Volume lashes

3. Spesial styling

4. Pre\Pro mades

5. Colour lashes

6. Freestyle

7. Lash lift

8. Brow lamination


Judges criteria: 

- Own training school or programe

- Running your own business

- Winner of at least 5 first places and top 5 in competitions not lower than Master level

- Must have experience as a judge and follow the rules of judging


Judges options:

1. Free judge! - invite 3 pepole to the competition by the end of may (or one in 3 nominations)

2. Pay a registration fee of 1500NOK (no need to invite) 


You will get judgesform and google discs for judging.

You must set time to judge 1st-15th of october - winners annonsement 20th october. 

The  judges will get their own judgecode to give out to their studens and coleagues with discont for competition and their own banner to use in sosial media. 

The judges commit to give each perticipant a constructive comment and fair scores. The registration fee are non-refoundable.

Judges will get: Judges trophee, digital certificate and sosial media exposure.