Terms & Conditions

  1. Read and understand photo requirements before submitting your work. Our team is responsible if you have submitted a wrong or missing angle/photos.

  2. Edited photos, watermarked photos, and business logos on the background will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

  3. Previous works are NOT allowed.

  4. For CLASSIC & VOLUME CATEGORY you are free to choose brown or black lashes and use whatever lash design you want to suit youre models eyes. Handmade fans only, and max 6D. 

  5. For FREESTYLE - no limits - read the judging criteria to achieve the highest score! 

  6. All participants can submit in as many categories as they want as long as they are at the correct level. E.g. Participant #1 can submit one or more entries in Classic Lashes Category.

  7. Level choice: JUNIOR: 0-3 years of experience, MASTER: 3-5 years of experience, PROFESSIONAL: 5+ years of experience, previous winners(1,2,3place), judges (judges can not judge in the category of entering)

  8. Refunds are unavailable, and we require participants to commit to their entries.

  9. End of Registration & Submission of Entries: 30th of september 2023, at UTC+2 (CECT) Central European Summer Time

  10.  Submission of entries will have to be one e-mail at a time per category. Please refrain from e-mail format as follows:

    1. Compose E-mail

    2. From: [your e-mail]

    3. To: norwegianlashfestival@gmail.com

    4. Subject: Entry [LEVEL + CATEGORY] 

    5. Body:

      1. Full Name

      2. Level

      3. Category

    6. Attachment: All required photos and proof of payment (screenshot etc) AND add youre first diploma in your category!

  11. Please note that once the e-mail entry has been sent to us, that is the FINAL ENTRY for that specific category. You cannot change any photos anymore once we have received them. So please, double-check everything before sending your entries.

  12. All winners, judges & sponsors will bear their own awards’ cost for the shipping fees.

  13. Trophies, gifts & Certificates may take up to 1-3 months before we can ship them to you.

  14. Once the awards are ready to be shipped, we will e-mail everyone to confirm the details and the shipping fee.

  15. We reserve all the rights to change the winner’s name if it is submitted in the wrong category or level.

  16. All photos submitted in this competition will be part of the Norwegian Lash Festival property, and we are allowed to use them at any time or place.

  17. You must do all work without any help from others. If found otherwise, your entry will be forfeited. 

  18. All participants will receive their scoresheet by 30th of october.